Journey into the immaterial

Rainer Langhans is still a symbol of the ‘68 student movement. He was a charismatic squatter in Berlin’s Kommune 1 in which he proclaimed the eroticism of politics and the publicization of the personal.

Groupie and model Uschi Obermaier shared his communal mattress, and together they adorned the magazine covers of the time. He became the pin-up of a student revolution based on the radical principles of fun and sexual pleasure.

He has kept his wild mane of corkscrew curls to the present day and is still trying to transpose his commune-born ideas onto modern times.

To this end, he took a short trip into the jungle that he saw as a modern commune experiment at the centre of society today.

But his ascetic, eccentric lifestyle is in fact the continuation of his original idea.

His chief new commune is the internet. He sees a future in it – where the personal becomes public, where things that were originally objects de-materialise, and where revolution is sexy.

Rainer Langhans has lived for over 30 years in a one-room apartment in Schwabing and has a polyamorous relationship with four women.

He owns little and chooses his worldly possessions with care.

Rainer wears and surrounds himself with white, a non-colour that contains all the other colours.

He follows a spiritual path, tries to unshackle himself from material goods as far as possible, meditates and lives a strictly vegetarian lifestyle.

HIs lifestyle falls somewhere between party and politics, spirituality and hedonism, outlaw and media darling. Rainer Langhans travels between worlds.