Ostrich Pillow

Another day on the plane. Someone attaches “wake me for meals” on the seat in front of them and closes their eyes. As they fall asleep, their head jerks forwards and from side to side. That would never happen to a travel pro. They tout neck pillows of course, to lovingly support their heavy heads like small cuddly animals. So the traveller can dream peacefully of the plane food to come in its handy geometric compartments. Most likely, such a practiced world citizen is also carrying a sleep mask and ear plugs. And perhaps also listening to relaxing dolphin songs on a minidisc player. Time seems to stand still when you have achieved such travel perfection.

Unfortunately, flight attendants aren’t as gracious as they used to be and the neck pillow species is now acutely endangered by the invasion of the ostrich pillow. This object of seclusion looks like the love child of a diving helmet and an American Apparel sweatshirt. You can pull it over your head and, if you happen to be sitting at a desk or on the floor, also over your forearms. The designers at Studio Kawamura-Ganjavian enjoy finding solutions for society’s changing needs. The pillow offers comfort despite our nomadic lifestyle and the merging of work and rest hours; coupled with our playful refusal to grow up. The Ostrich Pillow is a little like a child who closes her eyes and thinks she has become invisible. When she opens her eyes again, she’ll be 37% more productive, the designers promise. Sometimes it would be nice to be a turtle instead of an ostrich. Unroll your sleeping bag in the office and afterwards maybe go to conference room yoga. Still, the Ostrich Pillow is wonderful. Much better than tugging a blow-up neck pillow that stinks of plastic out of its ugly case while pulling on a satin sleep mask and stuffing wax plugs into your ear canal.


The Ostrich Pillow was designed by Kawamura-Ganjavian for Studio Banana Things. With it, you can powernap comfortably wherever and whenever you want. Once you’ve put in on, you’re in your own world. In your own head at least.